Buying A Home

Buying a Home


Step 1: Select an Agent

The right agent will know the market you want to purchase in and listen to your needs and concerns.  We have been working with buyers for decades, we can represent you and your interests in a professional & responsible manner.


Step 2: Obtain Loan Approval

Being Pre-Approved is a must.  There are many advantages; you know what you can spend in advance.  You are comfortable with your final payment.  The Seller understands that you are a serious buyer who can close escrow. 


Step 3: Seeing Potential Homes

We will establish search criteria with you, so you view homes and neighborhoods that are more like what you want, in your price range.  We will recommend a Search App that helps both you and your Agent to see everything in the market and let you notify us when you want to see a home or have interest in a home.  We’ll talk about Open Houses, dos and don’ts and be with you every time you want to see a home you believe could work for you.

Making an Offer


Step 4: Disclosures

Most every home will have a Disclosure Package posted for review.  We see these every day, so when we go over them with you, there are no questions that go unanswered.  The more you know about your potential new home, the better decision you can make.  Sometimes, the best decision is the one you decided not to buy.


Step 5: Discuss

As with all possibly life changing decisions, there cannot be too much discussion.  You have a right to feel totally comfortable with your home choice.  We will go over all of your concerns before writing an offer.


Step 6: Make an Offer

The first time you see the Purchase Agreement should NOT be the day you are asked to sign it.  We will deliver a SAMPLE Purchase Agreement to you early on in the process.  As you read it over and become familiar with it, we will make sure all of you questions are answered before you actually sign an offer.


Step 7: Negotiations

Our Team has decades of experience.  Negotiating offers for our clients is what we do.  We will strive to get the best terms for you and your family on whichever home you  like.



Step 8: Earnest Money

The deposit is typically 3% of the purchase price on our market.  Those funds go into Escrow, not directly to the seller.  That amount is credited towards your final purchase price. 


Step 9: Final Loan Approval

Yes, you did get Pre-Approved, however there will be more documentation your lender will need, an appraisal will be needed and other things often come up.  We will be with you every step of the way

Inspections. Most of the time, the Seller has done Inspections in advance.  We will review all of those with you and if you have questions, arrange to get them answered; with by the Inspector or with a different inspection entirely.   If you requested any inspections, we will help you choose the correct inspectors and ensure they take place in a timely fashion. 

Contingencies. Contingencies are sometimes part of the Purchase Agreement.  In a very hot seller’s market, often contingencies are Waived by the buyer up front…not always a good idea.  You can rely on us to give the correct advice based on your comfort level and the condition and inspections on the home.

Sign Off. The Final Documents, including the loan documents and Note, are signed 5 to 7 days before closing.  We will review all documents before you sign, answer your questions and make sure you are comfortable before seeing the Notary.
Final Walk Through. These are done just before you sign the documents, to make sure all provisions of the Sales Agreement have been met, and the home is in the same condition as when you purchased it.  We walk through the home and yards with you.

Work With Rick

Rick has decades of experience and is involved on the Local, State, and National Levels of Organized Real Estate. This commitment gives him additional expertise and information that other Agents typically do not have. Contact Rick today.

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